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Lidar/SLAMDAR Project

Disposable LiDAR/SLAMDAR

This project is concentrated on making lidar an inexpensive gadget that every robot and developer can have. A lot of research and innovation happens in schools, universities, early startups, makerspaces and garages. People with innovative ideas are not necessarily always have enough money to buy professional lidar that starts at low thousands of dollars.

Successful Kickstarter campaign has shown amount of interest in the inexpensive LiDAR as a product.

SLAMDAR is an extension to a project that incorporates computer with mapping software, IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and lidar. SLAMDAR will be capable of autonomously building maps of indoor and outdoor spaces with or without assistance of a GPS.

Unlike multitude of robots that have custom solution for a lidar, mapping software and a computer, we believe map-building should be a buy-off the-shelf capability that you can plug into your flight/drive computer or use an internal computer of a SLAMDAR as brains for your robot. If you're interested in collaborating on commercializing, development, investing or buying this product, please contact me at

LiDAR/SLAMDAR is a "prequel” for Tri-R Drone Project.

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